Email Marketing & Web Design for SMB

When promoting your online store, consider using SMB email marketing to drive new traffic to your site, encourage repeat traffic, and increase sales. While email marketing can drive relevant traffic to your site, a properly designed ecommerce storefront can mean the difference between a sale and a bounce. This is why email marketing and web design go hand in hand. Below you can learn about both and see how they can help you reach success!

email marketing
Email marketing and web design will help drive traffic to your site!

Email Marketing For Your Online Storefront

EmailSynergy Platform

The EmailSynergy Platform is a unique and affordable option for merchants looking to either start email marketing, or take their email marketing campaign to the next level. EmailSynergy Platform, otherwise known as ESP, lets merchants fully customize their email templates, or use designs already provided. The actions of the entire email campaign can be customized beginning to end, letting merchants have full control over their email campaign. ESP can be used for as low as $5.37/mo with prices dependant on the number of recipients you choose to market to. To learn more about EmailSynergy Platform, read this expert review.

Yahoo Small Business Online Email Marketing

Yahoo is a great choice for a small business online looking for an email solution with up to 10 email address. The solution from Yahoo is a perfect alternative to Microsoft Outlook, but it caters towards small business with all of the tools and features. You get amazing spam software that prevents junk from hitting your inbox, built-in anti-virus feature which scans all emails, and a tool to protect you from phishing scams. If you are looking to open an online store then Yahoo business email is a perfect start as they offer you a free domain name with the service. Currently this package from Yahoo has a $25 set up fee and then you only have to pay $9.95 per month.

Constant Contact Email Marketing

Web Design for Your Ecommerce Storefront is the perfect place to go if you are looking to start an online store, but do not have any idea how to design a website. At you can purchase a variety of things to help get your small business online so that you can start to generate sales. You have the option to buy things individually like logo or web design, but you can also get the eWorks! XL which, for only $94.95 a month, will take care of designing, hosting, and marketing of your ecommerce storefront. Checkout the variety of web design services has to offer today so you can start an online store.

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