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Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight: Get the tools you need to start selling online

As the owner of a small business online, there are many great tools available to make the day-to-day a lot easier and help you focus on the success of your online store. Many merchants think success will come shortly after they’ve found the perfect shopping cart software and implemented it, but running your own online storefront is more complicated than that.  It’s our ZippyCart mission to not only help you through the process of choosing the right eCommerce software for your unique eCommerce business, but also we strive to keep you informed on information that online store owners need to know.

In this section, we review the top tools for your small to medium online business to help you determine which tools are best for you. Use this information to better understand what factors you should consider when starting up and running your business, including whether you need a SSL certificate, accounting software, business cards, web hosting, order fulfilment and more.

Getting a Domain

Before you can even launch a small business online, you will need a domain name. Finding a domain name is easy, but choosing the best company to register that domain can be tricky. Learn about the variety of popular domain registrars available to e-tailers and find the best domain name for your online storefront.

Find a Domain

Security Certificates

Security Certificates (typically called SSL certificates) can make the difference between a basic window shopper and an actual sale. Consumers want to ensure that their information is safe when making a purchase at an online store, and installing a SSL for your checkout pages guarantees this security. Learn about the top SSL solutions available and how they can help keep your online storefront secure from fraud and protect your customers.

Learn about SSL Certificates

Web Hosting for Your Small Business Online

To get your online business up and running, you will need to find a great hosting provider that can handle the traffic you are anticipating. Most shopping cart solutions come with hosting included, but for those that don’t, it’s important to pick a hosting package that meets your needs. Learn about the most popular web hosting options available and why many merchants prefer them.

Find a eCommerce Webhost

Small Business Online Accounting Software

Most small internet businesses rely on external tools like Quickbooks to keep track of all accounting records. Luckily, some of the top shopping carts on ZippyCart include accounting integration, but unfortunately, the accounting software is sold separately. Because of this, it’s important for merchants to choose the accounting package that compliments their shopping cart software while also complimenting their pocket book. Learn about the popular accounting software available for your small business online.

Accounting Software


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