Get a SSL Certificate for your online store

SSL Certificates Reviewed

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which is an extra level of security to ensure your customers that it’s safe to make a purchase through your shopping cart. Customers are very savvy when it comes to the security of their personal information, which is why a non-secured online store could mean a large loss in possible sales. To keep your website secure and allow your customers to purchase with confidence, consider adding one of the following SSL certificates to your ecommerce store.

GoDaddy SSL Solutions

GoDaddy offers all the tools you need when you go to open an online store including SSL software, which will help customers feel safe and secure when shopping. The three SSL solution packages at Godaddy to choose from are Standard, Deluxe, and Premium. The package you decide on depends on how far you want to go to prove to your visitors that your ecommerce storefront is legitimate and reputable, so they can convert into paying customers. Security concerns are one of the biggest reasons people abandon the shopping cart process. As such, it is in your best interest to show visitors that you have a secure checkout process. Seeing the GoDaddy SSL seal on your ecommerce storefront, as well as the secure padlock icon, will ensure that visitors will feel safe and become paying customers.

Network Solutions SSL Software

Network Solutions will provide your ecommerce storefront with superior security so that shoppers will be comfortable making their online purchases. Affordable yearly pricing, 256-bit encryption, and over 99% browser compatibility make Network Solutions an excellent pick for your SSL software. The three packages you have to pick from are the Basic, Advanced, and Wildcard (for those who want an SSL solution for unlimited sub-domains). You can pay for one to four years at once to get the best price break that Network Solutions offers. Check out the SSL service from Network Solutions today so you can determine if they are the provider to help those that visit your site feel secure to make purchases.

The Dotster SSL Solution

Dotster does not offer a direct SSL solution for your business, but they do offer you the ability to get set up with GeoTrust or VeriSign. Using the SSL service from VeriSign or GeoTrust is a smart choice, as both are top solutions and are used by many leading ecommerce storefronts. Dotster allows you to choose from any of the GeoTrust or VeriSign SSL software solutions that you need to fit your online small business needs. Before you get started with an SSL solution, it is recommend that you have an exclusive IP address for your web hosting or server that the GeoTrust or VeriSign can use. Spending all the time and effort to get people to your online store should not be wasted. Why not add an SSL service so you can secure more customers? Head on over to Dotster today to review the variety of SSL solutions that they offer, and you can pick which is right for your ecommerce storefront.

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