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Product Name Pinnacle Cart Core Commerce Shopify Big Commerce AmeriCommerce Nexternal Cart AShop Shopping Cart Elite Amazon WebStores Volusion 3dCart Fortune3
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ZippyCart Score Each year, ZippyCart selects only the best eCommerce solutions to review. To be listed on our site means the shopping cart software is amongst today's top options. In order to help you understand the pros and cons of each solution, our ZippyCart experts do extensive research and testing on each cart selected. From this, they are ranked on weighted criteria and then given an overall ZippyScore which ranges on a scale of 1 to 100. Learn more about our shopping cart reviews and see each cart's report card in our Shopping Cart Ratings section. 95% 91% 91% 89% 85% 85% 83% 81% 73% Limited Review Limited Review Limited Review
Package Pricing Price matters... and the top ecommerce software come with various price points. If you want the shopping cart company to host your site for you, then you will probably look to a hosted solution, which has monthly fees. However, if you see your company outgrowing a hosted solution or prefer to host on your own servers, find licensed software or a hosted solution that also offers a licensed version. These licensed versions can be bought for only a one-time fee. $30 - $150 $20 - $150 $29 - $179 $25 - $300 $35 - $300 Varies based on number of sales $17 - $70 $35 - $500 $79 $19 - $149 $20 - $50 $25 - $900
Licensed or Hosted When you compare shopping carts, you'll find the option of hosted or licensed software. A hosted solution may be best for those who are new to eCommerce or have very little coding skills. Hosted solutions offer easy-to-use features and customer service, but come with a monthly fee. A licensed version is best for those who want complete control over their site and either has the skill to maintain it or the funds to hire out the work. Licensed solutions usually only have a one-time fee associated with the purchase of the software. Both Both Hosted Hosted Hosted Hosted Hosted Hosted Hosted Hosted Hosted Hosted
Set-up Fees Some hosted solutions will have set-up fees associated with the eCommerce software. Often however, these fees are waived for the higher end packages. $49 - waived $0 $0 $0 $0 Possible based on necessary development $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Try it Free Trial Almost all reputable eCommerce Solutions Software's will have a try-it free option. Most will not require a credit card number to take part in this free cart trial. 14 DAYS 14 DAYS 30 DAYS 15 DAYS 14 DAYS 15 DAYS 15 DAYS 15 DAYS 30 DAYS 14 DAYS 15 DAYS 30 DAYS
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Number of payment gateways A payment gateway is an eCommerce application that authorizes payments for both online and brick-n-mortar stores. The number of payment gateways is an important consideration for eCommerce merchants as the more options allowed, the less difficulty you'll have when trying to transfer solutions or move your brick-n-mortar store online. 33+ 54 50+ 50 67 3 100+ / optional 88 1 40 Unknown 56
Supports PayPal Besides being the easiest to set up, PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods used by internet merchants.
Supports Google Google Checkout is a simple and effective way to transact on-line.
Supports Amazon While it's one of the newer options, Checkout by Amazon is a very powerful and easy to use method for accepting credit cards.
Transaction Fees Some eCommerce solutions charge transaction fees, which take a small percent of your sales revenue. Be sure to ask each shopping cart you consider about their extra fees / charges, and budget your needs accordingly. 0% 0% 0% - 2% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0.7% - 2% 0 0% 0%
Payment Accepted in Multi Currencies Accepting payments in different currencies is necessary for companies who do business or would like the ability do do business in other countries. Uses converter Uses converter Unknown
Storage Space This is the amount of storage space an online business is allowed to use on the eCommerce solution's servers. The rates provided are for base (beginner) packages; all companies charge more as more space is needed. The amount of space you require largely depends on the number of products and images in your store. Because of this, if a company allows an unlimited number of products but a small amount of storage space for each package, know your product number will also be limited. Unlimited or the ability to host a large number of products for a cheap price doesn't always mean a good deal. The vendor has to pay for this space and you may end up sacrificing in other areas. 100 MB base 500 MB base 1 GB 200 MB base 250 MB base Unlimited 1 GB base 2 GB base Unlimited 1000 MB Base 1 GB base Unlimited
Number of products The number of products this service provider allows on their base plan. The rates provided are for base (beginner) packages; all companies charge more as more space is needed. If you would like a to sell a large amount of products with multiple images for each, you will likely require a larger amount of storage space, as well. Unlimited 300 MB base 100 base 100 MB base 100 MB base Unlimited 500 base Unlimited Unlimited 100 base 100 base 50 base
Bandwidth / Traffic Bandwidth is directly related to the amount of traffic (visitors) your store receives. The more visitors you have, the more bandwidth you'll need. The amount quoted is for the service providers base package. All providers will allow you to move up to a different package as your store and traffic needs grow. 1 GB base 2 GB base Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB base Unlimited Unlimited 25 GB base Unlimited 1 GB base 2 GB base Unlimited
FTP FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is an access that is typically used by developers and designers for moving files to and from the hosting server. Optional Unknown Unknown Webdav 2 Webbased
Mobile Storefront Mobile commerce is growing fast and these companies provide you with a storefront optimized to work on mobile devices. Optional optional
Development Customizations Available The service provider allows you to make customizations to your storefront to meet the needs of your business.
Customer Service Support hours, as advertised on the service providers site. Companies may also offer educational support files, videos or a community forum. email: 24/7
phone: M-F 6am - 12pm & Sat - Sun 8am - 5pm
email: 24/7
chat / phone: M-F 24 hours, Sat 8am - 5pm, Sun closed
email: 24/7
phone: 24/7
live chat: 24/7
email: 24/7
phone sales: M-F 7am - 7pm CST
support chat: M-F 24hrs, Sat 9am-2pm CST
email: / phone M-F 9am-5pm CST
support portal / submit a ticket 24/7
email: 24/7
phone / live chat: M-F 8:30 - 8pm EST
email: / phone / chat: M - F 24 hours email: 24/7
chat / phone: M-F 24 hours, Sat 8am - 5pm, Sun closed
email: 24/7
phone daily: 7AM – 8PM CST
email / phone / support portal submit a ticket: 24/7/365 email / phone / chat: 24/7 email / submit a ticket: 24/7
phone and live chat M-F 9am-midnight EST
Offers Licensed Solution For the ultimate in scaleability, we recommend selecting a provider that offers both a hosted and licensed solution.
Number of Templates Offering pre-designed store templates (skins) will take the work out of designing your entire store. This is the number of templates the service provider includes in their packages. Often, eCommerce solutions companies will also offer a completely customized look, for an extra charge, of course. 27 250 100+ 96 23 They design your store for you. 60 1 (custom optional) 10 120 50+ 109
Cart Designer This feature allows you to design your storefront without any programming experience. Recommended for beginning merchants or merchants without any knowledge of HTML. Not Necessary
Access to HTML / CSS The service providers gives you direct access to the customer facing pages, allowing you to customize them as necessary.
Design Customizations Available Most service providers offers design customizations. Additional fees may be associated with these customizations, however, so be sure double-check the fee schedule, typically found on their website.
Image Tools (Enlarge, Zoom, Etc) These tools allow your customers to manipulate the product image to get a better understanding of the product you are selling.
SEO friendly URLs The application generates URL's that are considered friendly for search engine optimization. Many companies do this automatically for you but will also allow you to build your own, custom URLs.
Multiple Storefronts Some shopping cart software companies will allow you to have multiple storefronts administered through one control panel. This is a stong feature for those needing multiple storefront run from one admin panel but can increase the complexity of the platforms.
PCI Compliant Being PCI Compliant is a requirement for conducting transactions online. Do not use a provider that has not reached this level of compliance, as you will be legally and financially responsible for any breaches of security.
PA DSS Compliant PA-DSS compliance stands for Payment Application Data Security Standard and is an additional level of security the provider has completed to make sure transactions and your customer data is secure. PA DSS is typically found with licensed carts or those who provide both licensed and hosted solutions. It is an extra level of security, even if you only run a hosted site.
SSL This service provider offers security certificates (SSL) which allow your customers to enter in their credit card information securely.
Marketing Tools
Product Recommendations This application will make additional product recommendations based on items in the cart, previous purchases or items viewed. Unknown
Quantity Discounts This service allows you to offer discounts based on the number of items your customer has selected. Unknown
Moderated Product Reviews Product reviews allow customers to rate and review products on your storefront, which you can moderate before allowing them to be placed live on your store. This is an excellent way to create user-generated content, thus increasing your SEO. Unknown Unknown +
Email Marketing Email marketing works with with a third party email platform, sending out email and newsletters to your customers. Unknown
Cart Abandonment Re-Marketing Remarketing helps you bring customers back to your store, after their shopping cart was abandoned during checkout. This is a very effective feature as most customers do a lot of "window shopping" before making a purchase on the web. Unknown Custom
Coupons This feature allows you to create coupons for discounts on purchases.
Search Engine Optimization The service provider has designed their offering with a number of tools to increase rankings in all major search engines. SEO features can vary so be sure to read our reviews to get an idea of what providers offer the best tools.
Multi Language Support Multi-language support allows customers to change the language on the site. This is typically necessary for selling internationally. 3rd Party Translaton Smartling.com
Newsletter Tool This feature allows for you to send out email newsletters to visitors and customers that have requested them.
Product Comparisons With product comparisions, customers can compare product features, side by side. unknown
Loyalty Program Loyalty programs allow you to provide incentives and discounts to customers who have purchased with you in the past. unknown Third party
Social Media Tools Social media toolsa allow your visitors to "Like" / "Tweet" / etc about your products or store, which increases exposure and traffic to your website.
Affiliate Marketing Tools This company provides a built-in affiliate program for your online store. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance / reward based marketing. Unknown
Built in Blog This store comes with a built in blog or tool for adding additional pages. If online merchants post blogs regularily, they can greatly increase their site's content, making it rank higher in Google and other search engines. Optional Optional
Sales and Shipping Management
International Sales Friendly If a company is internationally sales friendly, merchants can easily configure shipping methods to meet the needs of international customers.
Inventory Management Inventory management tools control inventory and provides features for easy, correct management.
Printable Shipping \ Labels Allows you to print shipping labels from within the control panel of the cart.
Drop Shipping Drop shipping tools support shipping from other locations. This basically allows you to sell goods that you have not handled yourself. Unknown Optional Unknown Unknown
UPS/USPS/FedEx Integration This company provides their eMerchants with real-time shipping quotes from USPS/UPS/FED-EX.
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