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How to Use ZippyCart

ZippyCart is used by a wide range of online merchants, but not all of them use the site in the same way, as there are a variety of sections in this site that merchants leverage to learn more about top eCommerce software solutions. Using ZippyCart is easy, but some sections of the site will be more applicable to your needs, so in order to make the process smoother we added some helpful tips below on how to use the site.

Are You New to Ecommerce?

If you are new to selling online, then there are a few sections of the site that would be useful for you to review, so you can decide which ecommerce software solution works best for your online business.

  • Ecommerce 101 - This section has helpful information about what you should look for in an ecommerce solution, differences between paid and hosted shopping carts, and details on why you should use a shopping cart.
  • Marketing Your Store - If you are new to ecommerce, you might need something simple and free to help you sell online. These tip and tricks can help you get traffic to your store and help you convert visitors into buyers.
Are You Switching Solutions?

If you are unhappy with your current ecommerce software solution and want to see what other options you have, then the sections listed below are perfect for you to review, so you can decide which solution is best for your needs.

  • Expert Shopping Cart Reviews - Each year, our panel of ecommerce experts thoroughly review the top rated shopping carts available online. In this section of ZippyCart, you can read those reviews to help determine which solution is best for your needs.
  • Shopping Cart Customer Reviews - If you want to switch ecommerce solutions, then it is important to know what customers are saying about other solutions which interest you. Read candid merchant feedback, so you can learn more about how they like using their current solution. You can find customer review on the right side of each cart review.
Are You Looking For Additional Tools for Your Online Business?

If you are already happy with your ecommerce solution, but want to look into other tools or better feature providers, then this will be a helpful section for you to use.

  • Payment Gateways - If you need a new payment gateway partner, then this is a helpful list of options.
  • Small Business Tools - This section includes partners to help with buying domains, SSL software, accounting software, and web analytics.
Are you Looking to Read News About Ecommerce and Online Shopping?

Do you enjoy reading the latest news about online shopping, ecommerce, and trends in the industry? If so then you need to head over to the ZippyCart Ecommerce News blog, where we published numerous posts each week that touch on a wide array of topics, including mobile commerce, social commerce, online auctions, and more.

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