2015 Weebly Review

The Good – Weebly is a great option if you have a small product line and are looking for an easy system to get started with. It is primarily a website builder but offers an add-on shopping cart, as well. The Bad – There is no built-in security with Weebly…

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Recommended for merchants just getting started or merchants selling less than 25 product with under 40K in sales.

If you are only looking to sell 20 or fewer products on a blog or small website, Weebly is an incredibly easy website builder with add-on eCommerce may be and may be right for you!  They offer one of the easiest site builder we’ve seen and doesn’t have the complexity of others full service eCommerce solutions.

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The GoodWeebly is a great option if you have a small product line and are looking for an easy system to get started with. It is primarily a website builder but offers an add-on shopping cart, as well.

The Bad – There is no built-in security with Weebly so you either have to only use their PayPal check-out option or go through a 3rd party payment gateway.  Make sure you get one that is PCI-compliant!

Cool FeaturesWeebly has a lot of slick design options that are easy-to-use. You can also sell both digital and actual products with their setup and manage your store with either an Android or an iPhone.

Store Setup and Design

Though other eCommerce solutions claim a quick and easy store set-up, you really can design your own online store in 10 minutes with Weebly.  This is because they keep it simple and don’t offer the vast number of add-ons and options that other shopping cart software solutions do.  Because they focus on the design of your store, their design options are state-of-the-art.  You’ll easily find responsive design themes and HTML and CSS access.  The ZippyCart team feels it’s one of the easiest systems to open a beginner online store with.

Selecting a Theme with Weebly
Selecting a Theme with Weebly

Their Build Editor is a drag & drop system that allows you freedom with text, photos, maps and more.  You can see what you’re doing as you’re doing it with their real time web browser.  You can basically control most of you layout and have great template options to choose from.

Configuring Your Store Layout with Weebly
Configuring Your Store Layout with Weebly

Internet Marketing

Because of the simplicity of Weebly, you won’t find a lot of extra marketing tools or social media features.  They do offer basic SEO and social media icons, but anything else would need to be added through code snippits.

They automatically build your website to be search engine friendly with points like proper HTML formatting, a sitemap, and meta descriptions.


Weebly is a website builder first but comes with a shopping cart built onto it.  Because of this, a Weebly store will come with a free SSL certificate but no PCI-compliance so you must work with TrustGuard or another 3rd party PCI-compliance provider.  Many eMerchants on this beginner eCommerce level will just choose to go with PayPal check-out, though, which is easy to set-up with Weebly.

Please don’t make the mistake of adding on a 3rd party payment gateway that is not PCI-compliant.  Hackers target brick-and-mortar and online businesses of all sizes and you, the business owner, are financially and legally responsible for keeping your client information and credit card information safe.

Weebly's Payment Options
Weebly’s Payment Options

Product and Store Management

When the ZippyCart team realized that some of our audience really only needs a simple website builder and eCommerce that supports a dozen or so products, we started looking into options that would suit them.  Weebly has been our favorite up-to-date.  Your options will be more limited with them but they still cover the basics.

To get to the store and product management level, you’ll need to spring for the $19.54 a month package.  This level will give you inventory management, flexible shipping options, tax control, and more.

Adding a Product with Weebly
Adding a Product with Weebly

Weebly only offers three payment gateways but if you don’t have an existing website that’s already set-up with a Merchant account, you should be fine going with the ones they’ve picked for you.  The companies they offer are good, strong competitors, Authorize.net, Stripe, and PayPal.

Customer Service

Weebly offers a decent amount of online webcasts, guides and such but falls short with accessible customer service.  They have very limited hours and an online reputation for being very hard to get ahold of.  If you don’t mind calling or live chatting with their customer service team only during strict work hours, however, they may work for you.

  • Contact support by phone:  (415) 375-3268 Mon to Fri, 9am – 5pm PST
  • Live Chat: Mon to Fri, 9am – 5pm PST
  • Submit a support ticket: 24/7
  • Forums and online documents: Accessible anytime

Overall Value

Ecommerce newbies will experience an easy set-up and store management with Weebly.  It’s one of the easiest website setups available right now. They have the website building down to an easy-to-manage science and even once you decide to start selling, will cost you about $20 a month if you sign on for 2 years and $29 a month for month-to-month.  Keep in mind, it’s not a full eCommerce solution so the trade-off for this simple, inexpensive set-up and management is that you won’t have all of the functionality that a complete shopping cart software offers.  It is comparable to some of the big boys in terms of price but lacks a lot of the complexity, which makes it easier to use.  The ZippyCart team feels Weebly is very intuitive, which makes it a great starter.  It will help you get a feel for eCommerce until you’re ready to move up in the game.


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