2015 Wix Review – Can You Build a Store With Wix?

The Good - WIX offers a super simple website design feature and 108 clean, modern templates.  It is both a website and online store builder and features an app store with some cool add-ons. All WIX sites are coded to the latest HTML5 standards and fully responsive. This eCommerce software is great…

Review Overview

Cart Features
Marketing Tools
Set-up and Design
Customer Service

Decent solution for newbies or people with little to no technical experience. Not recommended for stores selling over 25 products and doing over $40,000 in sales per year.

The small feature set and easy-to-use website designer make WIX the perfect eCommerce solution for the inexperienced and/or new store owner.  We consider WIX a nice option for those who want to keep it simple and only have a handful of products.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 1 votes)

The Good – WIX offers a super simple website design feature and 108 clean, modern templates.  It is both a website and online store builder and features an app store with some cool add-ons. All WIX sites are coded to the latest HTML5 standards and fully responsive. This eCommerce software is great for small eCommerce business and mobile selling and uses simple cloud-based creation and management tools.

The Bad – The ZippyCart team wouldn’t recommend WIX for merchants selling over 25 products as it lacks eCommerce features necessary for high-volume stores. Additionally, some features take a little bit to get used to.

Cool Features – The awesome HTML editor has made WIX what it is today. It’s one of the only true “drag and drop” editors on the market. This feature is very easy to use and quite powerful. It is definitely one of the best HTML editors on the market today.

Store Set Up and Design

As outlined above, the HTML editor is what makes WIX an amazing system. It’s super easy to use and anyone can create an amazing storefront with very little effort. For starters,  (almost) everything in the WIX system is an easy point and click. For eCom newbies, we recommend selecting a template that closely matches the storefront you have in mind. It’s just easier that way and helps you familiarize yourself with ecommerce software before you get yourself in too deep with customization.  After you’ve chosen your design template, click on right side tool bar, select “Color” and choose one of the many color palates they have available.

Designing a Store with WIX
Designing a Store with WIX

Once you get your color scheme down, select “Background” and chose from one of their predefined backgrounds, or upload one of your own. Again, it’s only one click to preview the changes. Next, select your font, change some graphics, upload your logo and BAM… you’ve pretty much finished designing your store.

What’s great about the WIX system is just one click and you can instantly see what it looks like. Want to see what your site looks like on mobile? Just click the phone icon at the top and you’ll instantly see what your site looks like on a phone. Not that you have to worry too much, all WIX templates are designed to work with mobile browsers.

It should be noted we did have a couple of issues with the HTML designer but still consider it on the top of its class. A few time, things didn’t quite turn out the way we wanted and we even experienced a browser lock-up once. We weren’t exactly happy about that but it was quickly resolved.

WIX Color Selector Tool
WIX Color Selector Tool

What about adding and managing products?


Adjusting Fonts in WIX
Adjusting Fonts in WIX

You won’t find any real-time shipping quotes in the system, but you can create shipping rules which should work fine for smaller merchants or companies just getting started on the web.

If their eCommerce offering isn’t enough, you can use their app center to add ECWID, Etsy, POPShop or Shopify to your WIX Site.


You won’t find a lot of marketing features in the WIX system, though they have standard SEO tools and the ability to add the Facebook “like” button. We took a look at the App store and noticed a couple of newsletter integrations ( MailChimp Rocks!), testimonial builders and a couple of other progressive tools. WIX seemed to lack tools designed to drive traffic, but again WIX is a simple website builder with an eCommerce add-on.

Selecting a template with WIX
Selecting a template with WIX


While WIX isn’t PCI compliant, it is secure. It doesn’t promote security as a major selling point, nor should they. For the most part, a customer’s payment information is taken on the payment gateway site, not the storefront.  This is perfectly acceptable for most small businesses.

Product Management

The WIX system has a different style of product management when compared to most eCommerce systems. It’s simpler, which make it’s much easier to learn but restricts larger eMerchants from being a good match for WIX. In a nutshell, you’ll need to create a product gallery that displays a single collection of products (think categories), though you can add products to multiple collections.  You can also add a product description, multiple images and video to each item… all of these are what we consider must-have features. While WIX lacks some of the more advanced product features, they do have the ability for you to create product variations (color, size, etc) and select a price point for each variation.

WIX supports 5 different payment systems. Paypal, Authorize.net, Skrill, PagSeguro, Webmoney and Off-Line payments. They can also work with 5 different currencies including USD, EUR, BYR, UAH, and RUB. Additionally, they give online business owners the ability to create online coupons.

So it doesn’t provide a lot of tools from the product management perspective, but there is enough to get by. Ease-of-use is what WIX is selling here and they are doing a great job of it. If you keep your product offering fairly small, I don’t think you’ll have any issues.

Adding a Product using WIX
Adding a Product using WIX

Customer Service

WIX offers free to support to all customers but you won’t find a phone number posted on their site. Of course, users who are subscribed to one of their paid plans get their “premium” support, which puts you ahead of their free clientele. We also didn’t find their support hours anywhere on the site but you can contact them through:

  • Support Center for instant answers
  • Help Videos
  • Scheduling a call
  • Submitting a ticket
  • Social Media Outlets
  • FAQs

While this may be off-putting for an eCom newbie, the WIX support center and forum seems to be quite extensive and we were able to find the answer to every question we gave it.  Huge plus!

Overall, the majority of other reviewers found WIX to be a good solution also giving it 3.5+ out of 5 stars. But we find some customers having issues with it, here are some of the common complaints we found.

  • Website Designer Crashed Browser:  This, by far is the most common complaint about WIX. And it’s not without merit. We also had a couple of issues with the HTML editor also.  If you do experience these issues, we recommend upgrading your browser of trying a different one. Or trying a different solution
  • Free isn’t really “Free”:  Of course it isn’t. Free is simply a way to get you to move into a paid product. Like many sites on the web, WIX employs a “Freemium” business model and many of the features are reserved for paying clients. You should expect the free version of their application to be a vastly stripped down model of their paid version. Go into it knowing that.
  • Bad Customer Service: Another common complaint with WIX and many other eCommerce solutions. I hate to sound harsh, but you’re paying less than $1 a day to use these solutions. The support teams are typically underpaid and lack sufficient experience and training to assist with many issues. Our recommendation is search their documentation and knowledge base before you contact support.

Overall Value

We liked Wix and feel it’s a great option for small business and new online business owners.  It’s easy-to-use with many great looking templates to choose from. This isn’t your typical shopping cart solution, though, so don’t expect an overload eCommerce features. If you’re a low-volume seller and listing under 20 products, it should work great for you.

The simplicity and great design of WIX can be seen in their own site design!

Video Review of Wix

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